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Strategies for Improving Business and System Processes

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Business and System Process Improvement

CASE Associates Inc. (CAI) helps clients formulate and conduct a successful assessment and review of their information technology infrastructure, organization, and potential to meet its future business needs. The model plan forms the basis for defining the requirements, formulating the assessment and reviewing the approach that drives the development of Process Improvements and IT Strategic Plans.

CAI consultants will help its clients:
Assess the IT organization's current processes, work flows, and practices.

Define both business and system improvement objectives and appropriate metrics.

Develop an improvement program to manage the transition.

The Phases of the basic program are:

Phase I - Project Initialization - Presentation and meetings to establish the objectives and expectations of the program tailored to your requirements.

Phase II - Assessment of the current technology, practices, methods, organization skills and identify potential areas for improvement.

Phase II - Milestone findings are reviewed and critiqued. The next milestones, responsibilities, and action plans are validated for Phases III through VIII (as required by the Transition Plan).

Phase III - Recommend and define a new
business/system organization, processes, and methods. Note: Formal quality assessments, reviews and audits are conducted during Phases I through III.

Phase IV - Conduct training on new processes and technology alternatives.

Phase V - Define the criteria for selecting new technologies and tools consistent with the new processes and methods.

Phase VI - Evaluate and select new technologies and tools.

Phase VII - Build/reengineer new system (Pilot Project) using the new processes and tools.

Phase VIII - Deploy new procedures, methods, and tools throughout the organization.